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Artificial Intelligance

With the experts of artificial intelligence and machine learning we transform scattered, random data into valuable insight. We possess the expertise that drives powerful AI solutions. From the development of a model solution to its deployment you can rely on us. With artificial intelligence, we can build thousands of computers that could all work in unison to solve our most complex problems. It is also capable of seeing patterns in data that even trained professionals don’t always catch.

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Machine Learning

Allow the creation of self-sustainable systems that learn from data,identify patterns and improve with experience and requiring minimal human intervention. Machine learning helps your business to personalize your cooperation with the audience, improve sales and suggest only relevant content. By using new technologies, company can earn better and save money, make data-driven decisions. Moreover, ML algorithms help to exclude risks and fraud, ensure totally secure processes and refine customer satisfaction.

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Deep learning

Technique that focuses on teaching computers to learn by example using algorithms similar to cerebral neural network structures and functions. With deep learning, we’re seeing an explosion of platforms that are self-teaching and autonomous, paving the way for new kinds of business models and revolutionizing current industries. Over the past few years, Deep Learning has been becoming more and more common. It can be found powering some of the world’s most powerful tech today: everything from entertainment media to self-driving cars.

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Computer vision

Enables computers to identify and process images in the same way the human eye. Employing computer vision, artificial systems are capable of obtaining multi-dimensional data and providing high-level information. The demand for computer vision and similar technologies has been growing rapidly. The ability to accurately solve problems rapidly, at a large scale, with lower costs is the primary reason for this rapid growth. As computer power becomes cheaper, more accessible, and portable, we can expect an increasing number of computer vision applications for businesses in the near future.

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Dialogue Systems

Systems capable of verbal interaction with humans and possessing both input and output channels. Dialogue systems have great potential to automate a wide range of processes in business. There are many potential applications of task-oriented dialogue systems in various business niches aiming to assist its customers via natural language conversation. Surely this area carries a bunch of challenges ahead. Although the faster businesses start adopting AI technologies in your everyday routine the more benefits you will gain over time.

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Audio Processing

Enables machine in the recognition and translation of a spoken language into text. Users control machines via speech. In AI, audio signal processing in the wild amounts to dealing with sounds recorded by a system that moves and whose actuators produce noise. This creates additional challenges in sound-source localization, signal enhancement and recognition.